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1. I am able to make detail plans, set sound goals and realistic objectives, organize resources and plan strategies.
2. I count doing menial tasks or routine duties in the church as a privilege and service to God and not to the leadership of the church.
3. I seek God's will in all I do. I am not willing to question or waver from His will.
4. I seem to be drawn to people who are confused, troubled, or perplexed.
5. I go out of my way to see if I can find ways to tell others about Jesus.
6. I enjoy discovering different facts about God's word.
7. I feel God is leading me to give others a particular message.
8. I enjoy putting together information, resources, and time so that it may serve many people.
9. I am attracted to people who are unhappy, depressed, grieving or heavy in heart.
10. It is easy for me to see opportunities to do something or to assist in some need in the church.
11. When I talk to God, I often visualize His loving appearance next to me while He listens.
12. I find myself attracted to people that are hurting in some way either emotionally, physically or spiritually.
13. I not only enjoy studying God's Word for understanding, but I look in other writings that may give me a deeper understanding of its meaning.
14. I find it easy for me to see the reasons why a situation occurred.
15. I enjoy planning a spiritual program or planning an activity from scratch.
16. I am deeply moved to help when I hear of an urgent financial need in God's work.
17. I have studied the Scriptures and believe that God still cure incurable diseases.
18. I have a deep concern for the spiritual condition and welfare of others.
19. It is easy for me to sense the motives and honesty of others.
20. The Holy Spirit at times use me to work in impossible situations.
21. I greet all strangers or guests with a genuine enthusiastic welcome.
22. I feel a strong desire to go to other places to tell others about Jesus.
23. Since I have become a professed follower of Christ, I have noticed that I have been able to learn a foreign language unusually fast so that I may be able to tell others of the love of Christ and His salvation.
24. I have an understanding of the church's mission and I see the direction in which the church should be going.
25. When help is needed in the church, I usually enjoy volunteering.
26. I look for ways to rely on God's promises at all times.
27. I think much about how I can help others in my congregation that have problems and need guidance.
28. I do not fear nor have anxiety, but enjoy telling others about the salvation that is in Christ.
29. I find it easy and enjoyable to search for information in different books.
30. I feel astrology, fortune telling, spiritism has no value and is deceptive in guiding a person's lifestyle or the issues that confront him/her today.
31. I am able to inspire others effectively and joyfully into action.
32. I think much about how I can comfort and lift up others in my congregation.
33. It makes me happy when I do things or to assist in some function in the church.
34. I often ask God for the impossible.
35. I seem to have an acute awareness when others are lonely, angry, stressed out, discouraged or hurting in some way.
36. I enjoy thinking of new ways to tell others about what I have learned from studying God's Word.
37. It seems easy to me to understand how a problem can be corrected in practical ways.
38. I have heard God's truths spoken in an unknown language that I did not know in which I was able to speak to others in their language of these truths.
39. I enjoy finding a method or system for implementing information or ideas into action.
40. It seems that God has given me insights in ways to save or to earn extra money, so that a need in the church may be taken care of.
41. I have prayed for many sick people and they have recovered with little or no evidence of medical help.
42. I am willing to sacrifice my time and effort to help others or to straying Christians to know and to give their hearts to Christ even though it may mean failure.
43. I can easily perceive the difference between truth and error in a difficult situation.
44. I feel the Lord has used me in supernatural events that have changed lives.
45. I look for ways to make a stranger feel comfortable.
46. I find it easy to adapt to and find it interesting to learn about another culture and their customs or way of life.
47. I have an ability to learn another language quickly and easily in which I have used it in witnessing to others of Christ.
48. I have the ability to lead, direct, and encourage people while maintaining quality control and standards.
49. I find it enjoyable to care for my fellow church members when help is needed.
50. When everything goes wrong, I do not get angry for I know God will work things out.
51. My words and presence tend to lighten the hearts of others in times of perplexity, confusion, and guilt.
52. I am willing to do whatever it takes to help others to understand salvation.
53. I am able to find understanding in the principles and facts of the things I read in and about God's Word.
54. God gives me special insights about people.
55. I am able to see the impact of decisions made by people before the consequences come to pass.
56. My words and presence tend to strenghten others in times of sorrow, perplexity, and remorse.
57. I enjoy assisting in Sabbath School or Vacation Bible School or in repairs on the church or handing out literature or other types work in the church.
58. I enjoy praying so much that I often lose track of time and duties.
59. I seem to be stirred when I see others hurting inside.
60. I try to understand how others learn best.
61. From studying the principles in God's Word, I know how to arrive at practical solutions to difficult situations.
62. I have fluently translated Bible truths from a known foreign language to an unknown language and visa versa.
63. I can look into an event and prioritize the steps that should be taken from the beginning to a final successful conclusion.
64. I feel the impulse of the Holy Spirit when there is a financial need in the church.
65. I sense God's presence and His will when visiting the sick.
66. I enjoy helping others to grow in their faith and obedience, and to become disciples of Christ.
67. It is not hard for me to detect doctrinal error in a sermon.
68. I have asked the Lord to intervene in many situations that were impossible to solve in human terms, and the Lord answered in a positive way.
69. I enjoy spending time with strangers.
70. It is easy for me to learn a new language.
71. I have spoken to others in my own language in which they normally could not understand, yet when I spoke of Christ and His truths, they understood.
72. Others have complimented me on my patience's, temperance, and honesty.
73. I would rather take orders than to give them.
74. I tend to make big plans about God's work, even though there is little evidence for success.
75. I find it easy, rewarding, and effective to work with those that are confused or addicted.
76. After I talk to people, they clearly understand the Bible truths that I have shared with them.
77. I look in other books for ways to know the meaning of God's Word.
78. I find the messages I give to people to help them to focus on Jesus, as well as to encourage them to live a life in harmony with Biblical principles.
79. I am able to assign to people meaningful responsibilities and work.
80. It is rewarding and not hard, as well as effective to deal with those that are perplexed or addicted.
81. People can usually find me doing some kind of routine job around the church, even sometimes during the week.
82. My prayers are mostly for the welfare of others and God's will in their lives.
83. I like to visit shut-ins, the sick, or the ones in prison.
84. I am able to show others in a clear and simple manner the meaning of the Scriptures.
85. I sense God's presence when a problem needs a solution.
86. I have been in an unexpected situation where I have felt the Holy Spirit using me to help others to understand the Holy Scriptures in an unfamiliar foreign language.
87. Others have confidence when I direct them in a situation.
88. I am willing to maintain a lower standard of living so God's work may progress.
89. I called upon the Lord in behalf of others and they have recovered from their illness.
90. I take initiative in helping others to mature in following Jesus and to love others.
91. The test of time has proven that my judgment calls about difficult situations has been correct.
92. I have asked in the name of the Lord to take away a bad habit from another. That person has told me that the habit was now removed even though they have tried removing the habit many times before.
93. I am truly interested in finding out and providing for the needs of strangers.
94. It seems that I am able to relate to others that are not of my Christian denomination or are of other religions.
95. I was suddenly able to speak about God's truths in a foreign language that I had never known before.
96. I have an attitude to listen and consider advice from my brothers and sisters in Christ; no matter what position they hold in the church.
97. When there is a special need, I am willing to give up my vacation to fulfill that need.
98. I find that I see God's power and influence, even in bad times.
99. I seem to have an ability to bring resolution to a conflict between people or to resolve a troubling situation.
100. I seem to be able to sense when a person wants to know about spiritual things.
101. I see how God works and deals with people in reading the Scriptures.
102. God communicates to me through visions and/or dreams in order to give a message(s) to others.
103. When a decision is needing to be made, I consider integrity more important than popularity.
104. I seem to have the ability to lighten the hearts of others to a positive action in various capacities or help them resolve their dilemma.
105. I find pleasure in doing simple chores or providing maintenance or clerical work for the church.
106. When I pray and speak to God, I see His Perfection and Holiness, and then I see myself. But, I also see His Son and His mercy and grace.
107. I go out of my way to assist and to share my time with the handicap, the undeserving or the ones that are ignored by the majority.
108. People enjoy listening to me when I explain the deep meanings of God's Word.
109. People ask my advice on a variety of situations like planning, personal problems, relationships, etc.
110. I have sensed God's using me to interpret a speaker's Bible message to another that could not understand the speaker's language.
111. When I am working through a series of small tasks for a major goal, my mind is focus on the end results.
112. I often enjoy providing more offerings than tithe.
113. I feel humble when another person is healed through my prayers.
114. I enjoy visiting and encouraging individuals, family, the sick, lonely, those that are in prison, the elderly, and trouble people.
115. Others feel at ease when I am present to help in a decision making process.
116. I have struggled with the Lord over a troubling situation that could take place, but He has turned that situation into a blessing.
117. I enjoy inviting guests home for a Sabbath meal.
118. I feel strongly that the Holy Spirit has led me to work with others of a different nationality / culture.
119. Others have been drawn to inquire of Christ, because of my speaking in an unknown language while being translated by an interpreter.
120. The Holy Spirit has helped me to help a group to achieve their goals and plans in the church.
121. Others turn to me when the church need a job done right.
122. Others are encouraged when they see how I look to the Lord to intercede.
123. I find that I am able to inspire others to action in various programs or to give resources to a cause.
124. Others respond in a positive manner when I talk to them about spiritual issues.
125. Information I give to others about the Bible brings conviction to them.
126. I feel reluctant in delivering a message that God has revealed to me to give to others, but I feel that God gives me boldness to speak for Him.
127. I have steered others through normal situations as well as difficult ones.
128. It seems that others are drawn to me and the Holy Spirit helps me to help them in depression or a situation.
129. I have received great blessings from aiding others in their needs.
130. When people need prayer, they often look to me.
131. I am truly blessed when I assist others that are having a hard time in life.
132. People's lives are changed because of what I have revealed in the Bible.
133. I find it encouraging that my advice is accepted in many instances.
134. Others can testify that I have translated, written or spoken, Bible truths accurately from a known language to an unknown language and visa versa.
135. I often pray and listen before and during a situation for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and follow His promptings.
136. The Lord has blessed me more than I have provided to the church.
137. Others have noticed that when I prayed for the sick, they have recovered.
138. People seem to give a positive response when I encourage them or when I ask them to give their hearts to Jesus.
139. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when I look into a situation.
140. Others have noticed that when I seek God's help, He answers in a supernatural way.
141. When a guest needs lodging or a place to stay, the church knows I am willing to provide these needs.
142. People of a different nationality or culture than mine have enjoyed being around me.
143. Others verify the accuracy of the language that is not natural to me when I speak of Christ's truths.

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