About Us

Our congregation is part of God’s final movement on earth. We aren’t perfect, but we want to have a total commitment to Jesus and the mission He has given us. We want to invite everyone in the DFW area (and beyond) to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, embrace all Bible truth and join a vibrant Adventist group. Come join us and see the changed lives and be one of the changed lives!

We meet at the church building on Sabbath/Saturday mornings for worship (9 am and 11:30 am) and Bible study for all ages (10:15 am) and throughout the week for fellowship, prayer, service, and training. We also meet in homes and workplaces throughout the DFW metro area. As we prepare for Jesus’ return together He gives us stronger minds, bodies, families, and children as well as hope and joy.

We are living in the final chapters of earth’s history. Jesus Christ, our crucified, risen and soon-coming Savior, is wrapping things up on Planet Earth in the hearts and minds of each person. Every person alive is becoming more sensitive to God or more hardened toward God. Soon Jesus will break through the sky and every eye will see Him come. Those who have put their trust in Jesus will fly to meet Him in the air and travel with Him to the place He has prepared for us. And together we will all be gathered around the throne, and bow in worship to the One who gave Himself for us, the One who welcomes all of us home.
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See you soon as we prepare to see Jesus soon,
Pastor Byron Corbett
Senior Pastor, Richardson SDA